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New York City, 1938 © Walter Rosenblum

(via gayyjesus)

"Love is terrifying, like someone kicking in our front door & then asking for cuddles or someone pulling all the skeletons out of our closet & calling them beautiful, it’s insane to us. They say that to be loved is to be known & how will any of us ever allow ourselves to be truly loved when we constantly expect anyone who actually knows us to leave us? Fight or flight kicks in, we think only of survival, & all of our worst parts come out & we create a self-fulfilling prophecy. We are so concerned with burning down the house of love before the other person can that we never let ourselves believe in the magic of acceptance or to even find out if the other person really would set flame to the relationship. We fight & we flee until we’re all alone & no one can hurt us & the saddest thing is that more often than not, in doing this, we break our own hearts, we hurt ourselves."

- Moriah Pearson (via mooneyedandglowing)